Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 - My 50th Birthday Year Bucket List

I don't quiet know how it happened but I have arrived at the year I turn 50! 

I've decided regardless of all the pressures we are under I am going to make this a year of celebration and positive thought.  I've written a bucket list (not things to do before I die, but things to do in this year of being 50). 

50th Year Bucket List

Have a wonderful, happy, bring anybody you want, 50th Birthday Party 

Visit Paris or New York (I have been to neither)

lie on my back and look up at the stars

Have just one day where my twins don't fight

smile at a stranger (it might make their day)   I did this A LOT I just wish I had had the courage to ask people if I could also take their picture

Have just one day where my eldest son doesn't moan   ACHIEVED .  
 Can't believe we achieved this one so quickly.  Have to say he has been a poppet lately.  Maybe something to do with my HRT Tabs giving me horrific mood swings.  He has been keeping a low profile and helping me out lots. Yay for 16 yr old sons.

play barefoot in mud

lie on my back and make cloud shapes

stop waiting for other people to make it right and sort it myself  ACHIEVED ! Feels good, I am finally a grown up.

laugh until my sides and jaw aches  ACHIEVED !
(Mr Poppy from the film Nativity does it every time, cried with laughter watching him in this wonderful film.  Even made all my boys laugh by laughing at mummy crying with laughter ! )

spend a whole day on the sofa watching and crying over soppy films

cook a meal from scratch, I know I can do it, I just hate cooking

accept a compliment with grace and not a negative about myself  ACHIEVED!  This was a major step for me, but I have done it several times and especially remembered to do it once or twice at Cybher this year.

not tell people the price of EVERYTHING I buy to show what an amazing bargain I got.   Managed this most of the time.

dance with my husband like this again

have a week without using the washing machine

just one month where we can afford all our outgoings & still have some money left over

catch up with the special family and friends I've neglected    Achieved this at my Birthday Party, reminded me of some of the wonderful friends I have had in the past. Promises to stay in touch from now on.  Life is too short.

hear my husband tell me he loves me

look in the mirror and be happy with what I see

splash in puddles with my boys and not care about the mess we make of our clothes

visit Ireland

have a dirty weekend away with my husband (who else ! George Clooney is now spoken for)  Sort of achieved (combined with Cybher *cough*

have perfect white teeth

realise that this has gone for good and to learn to live with my baby scarred tummy

stop biting my nails

get my hair dyed white blonde

go camping

open my own vintage homewares shop or just have a corner in someone else's  Haven't quiet achieved the shop, but I do have a cabinet in the wonderful Vintage shop "What Katy did" IN Budleigh!

make some money out of my social media skills (I am always being asked but don't have the confidence)

be happy with my lot

get 50 comments on a blog post *winks*   ACHIEVED !
(This was the first one Woop! would have been the jumping in puddles but I forgot to take the camera to show the proof.  Thank you so much to all the amazing, supportive community of people on twitter, facebook and blogging world, you will never know how much your conversation has cheered, supported and inspired me)

realise I am never going to win the lottery and be a secret Millionaire (and get over it).

Wear a dress when its not a special occasion.

Wear high heels on the school run

Learn how to "do" my makeup

Swim in the sea (in Devon) brrrrr .

Make at least 5 more new twitter friends who I actually meet in the real world

So there we go !
Things to do before I'm 51. 
most not earth shattering, most achievable.  Baby steps.
Love you to join me with your own 2012 Bucket list, let me know and we can link up.
 Would love your support and encouragement on this one. 
Life really is too short. I look around and in a blink of an eye I have more life behind me than I have in front of me.  A very sobering though.

Here's to an amazing, happy and positive 50th Year.


  1. I will be your first comment, come on people, lets get 50 comments on this post.

  2. Well I have written on your blog so only 49 left. If you ever do, do social media teaching I would be well up for it and that way we could meet too.
    (I think thats 3 on the list!)
    Have a fab new year.

  3. What a lovely post and what a lovely bucket list! I don't doubt for one minute that you can achieve every one of these. You're amazing. And something tells me that this is going to be quite a year for you. Much love xxxx

  4. Darling Karen,
    What a fantastic list, you know that you got the "meet 5 twitter people" last Christmas!
    I'll help in any way I can with any of these, I know some excellent starry places and muddy places - my backyard for a start.

    Wishing you everything you hope for for 2012
    Love me.

  5. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments ladies. I have been very fortunate indeed to have met three of you "in the real world" I promise to meet you too Chloe xx

  6. What a great idea and you're going to have a fun 2012 doing them all ;-)

    Happy New Year x

  7. I'm also approaching the big five oh. My list is on my Day Zero Project page (101 things in 1001 days). However, I loved some of your ideas. And #justasking was that really your stomach before children?

  8. WOW you are going to be busy! Pretty sure you can do it though!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Great idea, you are a lovely lady and I only wish I lived closer I'd love to be one of your five twitter friends you meet ;)

  10. What a beautiful post. I'm sure you'll achieve all those things, you are an amazing lady.

    Hope I'm one of the 5!

    Happy New Year to you and yours. x

  11. Wow that's a fantastic bucket list. So many things I to want to do but do not feel capable. I hope your yr is amazing.

  12. Wow that's a fantastic bucket list. So many things I to want to do but do not feel capable. I hope your yr is amazing.

  13. Whether you do them all or not I bet you'll have great fun! I look forward to seeing you in your high heels on the school run! Every blessing for a fantastic year! xx

  14. Many thanks ladies for all your supportive comments I will be sure to update this post as I achieve my goals xx

  15. Beautiful, uplifting post mrs, and great list! i absolutely adore that pic of you and Mr White ;) and I think the idea of having your own little piece of vintage heaven sounds Amazing!!!!you can do it, i KNOW you can, you are the strongest, smartest, kindest person ive never ( or ever) meet ;) xxxx

  16. I love this post - it's very inspiring! I'm someone who always makes new year's resolutions to make me a better person. But like the idea of a bucket list to achieve. Things to do before my '36th' birthday' (25 sept) is going to be my title. Watch this space x

  17. I love your list. I turn 30 on the 14th and I'm in the process of writing my '35 for 35' list.

  18. What a super list of hopes and dreams - all of which you can achieve. When you lie on your back and look at the stars, remember to reach for them too :) PS, I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's the other day for the first time ever - LOVED IT! and am now watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which is one of my all time favourite films :) So make sure the film watching one gets a top priority xx

  19. Some lovely goals there. Keep us updated on how you get on. I don't think I could ever do the school run in heels though, I'd need some sort of zimmer frame to help me get along and it would take me an hour!

    Happy New Year!

  20. Fabulous food for thought from someone also having a big birthday this year. We should compare notes this time next year and see what was achieved, but that means I need to write a list too!

  21. Love your post. I also turn 50 this year, have done some but not others on your wish list.

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday and an even more brilliant year and that you manage to achieve everything on your list.

  22. This is a lovely list - brilliant idea for doing it! People always set themselves massive (& quite general) goals which are actually really difficult to achieve and it's so much more inspiring to have a list like yours with lots of little specifics!:D Good luck with all your goals are you going to manage not using the washing machine for a week though?!:P

  23. never mind the list......was that your tummy? wow. well, that is something i have never and will never achieve ;)

    brilliant. oh, and brilliant list too

  24. Great list. I have a list in my head but not sure I want to share or if they'll ever be achievable. I hope that you achieve them all. You should definitely open a vintage shop (plenty of empty ones in town)and I was also wondering if that pic of the tummy was you!

  25. Many thanks again for all your supportive comments and just so you know I did have a stomach like that, but the photo of the tummy is not mine. The only pictures I have of my super, amazing tummy are too x rated to show ; ) xx

  26. A great list. I'm sure you can achieve them all :))

  27. What a fantastic list - good luck with it! :) x

  28. Wow!! Good luck you deserve to acheive it! X

  29. What a fantastic list! Have a lovely year! x

  30. what an amazing list, hope you manage them all x

  31. What an amazing list Karen. Wishing you lots of luck in achieving all those things.

    As for dancing barefoot in the mud - eww and the twins not arguing for a day, I wish you luck!

    Mich x

  32. Great post and I look forward to reading the outcomes!

  33. Great list, some of them are very achievable I would say! Have fun working towards them and have a great 'big' birthday.

  34. That's a great list, and a lot of them are very achievable. I turned 50 last year although I didn't do a bucket list, but I may think about doing one anyway. Happy new year, hope it's a great one x

  35. what a super list! Happy 2012 to you and your boys! Love C x

  36. Awwww that's an amazing list!! I hope 'the man' and I will get an invite to this fabulous party??? Happy New Year lovely lady xx

  37. Brilliant list! Eminently achievable! We can celebrate together! Happy New Year and Happy 50th Year! Onwards and upwards! xxx

  38. Wow! Now that is what I call a list, and some great ideas. Everything is achievable this year, there are some fabulous positive energies for change through 2012 so GO GIRL! We will all be following you xx

  39. I hope all your dreams come true ;-) @jessws2011

  40. Ali Gorgeous Gifts3 January 2012 at 18:09

    Fantastic list Karen. Have to say when I did meet you I thought you were about 40, so whatever you've been doing so far is working :)Really interesting you want to open a shop. Good luck with them all x

  41. You can have a dirty cooking weekend, and combine both pleasures, lol

  42. oh your list is truly inspiring ! I am 6 months and 23 days away from my 50th lol and I will now get ready to make my own list ! I love your photos that go with the comments.
    I too wish to dance with my husband the way we did for the first dance ! Good luck and hope all your wishes come true.

  43. Well I'm facing 50 this year so I really relate to many of these, especially telling people the price of everything *slaps hand*. Wishing you the best of luck in achieving these x

  44. I am overwhelmed by all your lovely comments. Nearly at 50 : ) Do my comments count ???? xxx

  45. Well you are on your way to 50 comments now - I'll tweet this and hopfully you'll get some more. Hurrrah! I've finally found a blogger mum who is actually older than me! It is a sobering thought, but it is a lovely list, and the shop sounds a ma zing! Achievable too? That's fab news!

  46. You go girl! Good luck and Enjoy :)

    Shelley Bird x

  47. What an amazing list. Next #devoncoup, all of us on your sofa, bring a soppy dvd, some cake, wear your pj's and we'll cry our heats out to our fave soppy films. Hope you get to do all of the above. Love Suzie (@Atlanta7) xx

  48. Fab list Karen, love the honesty of your posts. xx

  49. Brought tears! I'm not far behind you! You can achieve all these things, Karen, go for it maid! oh & how long have you got? Till you're 50 that is x

  50. New to Twitter and recent follower of your blog but happy to help you achieve one of your goals. Good luck with the rest, Helen (@Cinnamum22).

  51. Happy 50th lots of things! What a lovely blog!

  52. When I became 50 I was negative at first then realised how great not to have to impress anymore and just be me and enjoy my family and travel xxxx Mommy dearest xxx You will be fantastic think of all that you have achieved sofar reach for the stars xxxx

  53. Happy 50th! Excellent List, good luck in achieving it all!

  54. No way you're coming up for 50. Good luck though xx

  55. Awww..its fantastic..I have to say this..50 is the new 20 ;)

  56. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

  57. You're 50? No way!

    And if that was your flat tummy-then I am jealous cause don't think mine ever looked like that.

    And if you want to visit Israel-you have a guest room here. :-)

  58. You were born to go to Paris my love...away with you now!

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  65. What a great bucket list. I don't understand why I've only just found it. I've been looking for 50th year bucket lists on line for ages, as I'm now 49 and want to get 50 things done before my 50th birthday in 9 months time. Your list is perfect. It's a real life list, not full of swimming with dolphins but real achievements that enhance your daily life. I too have twins and live on a budget. It's inspirational to read what you've been up to. Off now to sort out my own list.

    Thank you for your excellent, warm, open inspiration. Lovely stuff.



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