Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Christmas is Coming

The twins were born in December, as you can imagine that particular Christmas was not quite as organised as previous years.   Jacob, Nigel and I spent most of the time in our PJ's staring at these two strange creatures who just cried, ate and slept ! 

Out of that time a new tradition in our family was born. 

I buy the whole family new pajamas for us all to wear on Christmas Eve.  We get changed into them in the early evening and all cuddle up on the sofa to watch something Christmassy on the tv (well in my perfect "this is how christmas should be " imagination).  It usually turns into  "ouch, your foot is touching me" or "I can't see, stop leaning on me" .

I try to buy as much as possible from independent retailers all year round and even more so at Christmas.  Being an independent seller myself I know just how hard it is out there at the moment.  Trying to compete against the big chain stores is not easy.  Whilst browsing through independent online shops I came across some lovely ideas for Christmas presents.    Please do pop over and take a look at these great sellers and when you are next in the shopping mood please consider shopping independent.

Gorgeous Organic Ella & Otto Sleepsuit & Moose hat from Baby Duck Store

Perfect snowflake shoes from Baby Not Included

I thought we were the only household where all the men make a point of wearing odd socks !  Looks like somebody else likes the idea too. Fab set of 3 mens weekend Oddsocks from   Two Magpies 

Too die for Oilcloth pink flower bag from Funky Diva Designs

What can I say !  A girly chocolate gift pack from The Chocolate Library

Beautiful Bouy pendant from Sea Sparkle

Hope you find something to inspire you to buy from an independent retailer.  Please do leave a comment if you have come across any great independent retailers you think might like a mention on the blog.


  1. Thank you so much for the mention Karen!

  2. Love the oilcloth bag, so pretty :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Harriet, you are welcome. Hope you get lots of lovely Christmas sales xx

  4. Bee Happy, thank you as always for your lovely happy comments xx

  5. Thanks so much for the mention, I must say the laundry in this house has become an awful lot easier since I pinched oodles of pairs of oddsocks (perks of running a shop!).

    Love your tradition of all wearing your new pj's on Christmas Eve, think I might have to incorporate that one, there is nothing better than a lovely new soft pair of jammies.

  6. Thanks for the link Karen. Aww we do the new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, have done since I was a child. Am on the look out for some cuties for Isabelle at the moment. Loving the moose hat x

  7. There are some gorgeous things there. I've not even started my Christmas shopping yet so its very helpful :-) x

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments ladies. There are some amazing independent businesses out there. Just have to get ourselves noticed. Hope I can help you a little bit xxx

  9. Love the socks they look very cool x

  10. I like yourself buy for christmas all year with 6 children to buy its vital we start early.I also like supporting smaller buisnesses.I love the gifts you ve brought there FAB xx



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