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Vosene day out at London Zoo


THE Winner picked at random was KATE - (What katie did next)



We were delighted to receive a box of scrummy hair products from Vosene in the post last week.  It included :

The activating Tonic
The activating shampoo
The extra shine detangling shampoo
The original medicated shampoo
and The Two in One Gentle Action

The twins wasted no time trying out the two in one gentle action and as you can see from the pic NO TEARS!  I have to mention that it is also the softest shampoo I have ever felt.  Its an amazing texture, it almost feels like you are touching silk!  Difficult to explain, try it yourself you will see what  I mean.  I am definitely hooked on it and will certainly be buying it !

As we have no long haired people in our family, we are giving away the extra shine detangling shampoo, which I am reliably informed works wonders on curls and long hair for both boys and girls.  There was some discussion at the event that the packaging may need improving (i.e the princess theme) but apart from that it got a massive thumbs up for effectiveness.


Just scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment telling me who in your family would love the

Giveaway closes at 8pm on Thursday 28th April

winner picked at random

item posted at my own expense so sorry only open to UK residents xx


When I set up my blog last year I thought I would just use it to showcase my business website.  I was not expecting to be bitten by the blogging bug! and certainly not prepared for all the wonderful opportunities to attend days out and events that would come our way as a family.

Last Saturday we were thrilled to be invited by Vosene to an all expenses paid trip to London, including an overnight stay in a hotel so that we could really make the most of the Mother's Day weekend. 

We arrived early in London, which gave us plenty of time to get to the venue at London Zoo.  We decided to hop on the underground to Regents Park and have a walk through the park to the zoo.  We walked, whilst all around us people ran! We were in the middle of a charity run!

When we arrived at the zoo were waved through by the gate guard ticking us off a list like we were celebrities!  I could get used to this.    Meeting up with Jen and her Mad Family from MumintheMadHouse and the other bloggers some we knew and some we didn't it was a really nice mix of families.

Vosene went to a lot of trouble to set the venue up in the Mappin Pavillion.  There were tables set out with facepainting, card making, cake decorating, a magician, dressing up, space hoppers, hand painting,even nannies to take care of the children.  A lot of thought had gone into entertaining everyone.  By far the biggest hit with the twins was the magician, squeals of laughter and amazment as he performed close up magic to everyone. 

Space Hopper (or rather Vosene droplet racing (I may or may not have had a go, there is evidence somewhere, but I seem to have mislaid it at the moment ) !

Nannies to watch over and entertain the children, this was the Handpainting onto canvas. A lovely thoughtful touch which gave us a great reminder of the day to take home and keep.

Erm ! Facepainting and dressing up.  Jarvis got right into the spirit of things, Milo was a bit more reserved (just like his mother) xx

Lots of lovely scrummy food and cake ! Lots of gorgeous Cupcakes!  I may have eaten one or maybe two, could have been three......

The back of my head and the back of Jacob's head !    The big Vosene Boss chatted about the range including : new vosene activating range  my husband and Jen's husband were particularly interested in the activating tonic  can't think why !  Bless. 

I love the packaging of the Vosene Kids Range  its certainly come a long way since I was a child and mum used to scrub my head with it *cough* 40 odd years ago!  It has a natural head lice repellent and items in the range like Mega Hold Styling Gel and Extra Shine Spray. Products to suit even the most demanding little darling. 

We were privvy to some information on the the new products currently in development and one in particular really made my ears prick up, but you will have to wait a while to find out what they are.  In the meantime why don't you pop over to the brand new vosene website HERE  take a look at all the new products now available, you might just be surprised how far Vosene have come and while you are there take part in the Fab family competition  HERE   Its an amazing opportunity to win a family holiday worth upto £10,000.   The competition is open from April to October with a new chance each month to enter based on family values of Sharing, Belonging,Time Together, Traditions, Fun and Trust.

You might also like to know that Vosene are in partnership with the wonderful NSPCC Charity who were also at the event on the day.  I personally couldn't think of a better charity to support.

We had a wonderful time with Vosene, thank you all so much for the opportunity and a really big special thankyou to possibly the nicest PR person EVER who came to our rescue at the hotel and later on Sunday !

Wearing a particularly fetching pair of glasses -  HOLLY


  1. wow that looked like great fun! Those cupcakes do look yummy!!!

    I love the space hoppers - what memories they bring back!

    Well done Vosene, looks like a fab event!

  2. aww thank you Whitelily, it was wonderful. They thought of everything. We are very lucky xx

  3. Aww that a lovely day. It looks like such great fun. I love the picture of the boys with the red noses on. They are so cute and enjoying every minute of it x

  4. So glad you had a great time - it was great to meet you and your kids. Very impressed with your photos!

  5. Hi Carrie, thanks for the comment, glad you like th photos I got them from the Vosene Flickr account of the day !!! ha! Saved me time sorting through all mine xx

  6. That looks like such a fab day, u get treated like royalty u do lady ;) I remember When u first started talking about posting a blog,and after reading your tweets all this time I just KNEW you'd be a natural at it. And you really are xxxxx

  7. Was a fab day wasn't it? I'm loving the new Vosene products - DD says that my hair is shiny when I use her princess if they just change the packaging so it looks good for older kids, and boys :-)

  8. That looks an amazing day would love to win the extra shine detangling shampoo as my little girls long hair is a nightmare of tangles:(


  9. You know Leah has the most gorgeous long shiny hair but it is a nightmare, twice a day we have a fight to get it brushed with her tangle tamer hair brush, she's almost 4 and keeps asking to have it all cut off. Maybe this shampoo would save us!

  10. I would love to win the detangling shampoo for my daughter who has inherited her Dad's very curly hair. Already use a detangler and have a tangle teezer brush but still we have problems!

  11. My daughter insists on brushing her own hair nowadays, it's really long and thick like mine so this prize would be ideal for her, it would make the morning ritual of moans about hair a lot easier to bear.


  12. Well not me, I have short hair, both my boys however have grown their hair, much to my dismay and each have a mop of curls, so the prize would be fab for them. x

  13. My daughter has *the* thickest hair in the world, which is neither straight nor curly, so it's full on knots! We would love this! Her because it won't hurt so much and me because I won't need to brush her hair a zillion times a day! Pretty please! X

  14. Oh my! I would LOVE to win this for my daughter.

    Her hair resembles a birdsnest and ever since she had chickenpox and spots on er scalp, she's refused to let me brush her hair properly because she's scared it will hurt.

    Of course, its now become a vicsious circle, and every morning is like world war 3 :0(



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